A long shot from the glass balcony stairway looking down on the kitchen bar.
A view of the kitchen, and built-in bar for meals and cocktails alike.
Garrison School Lofts & Town Homes - NWQ Ad, Winter 2008
By opening up the floors into unified spaces with open stairs, light, airy lofts were created for the modern living style.
A shot of one of the school gymnasium loft kitchens. The half-moon windows used to be high on the wall of the original gym, and now serve as complements to the new skylights in this loft kitchen.
Another view of the gymnasium loft kitchen & great room.
The kitchen is located just below the master sleeping loft, yet still has the open air feel with the great room just behind it.
A 180º panoramic view from the entry area sweeping from the kitchen, past the loft stairs, and looking out towards the balcony door. (Doug & Holli's)
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